House Of Marley is an audio manufacturer that focuses on presenting a range of audio products with an environmentally friendly concept. The newest product is Get Together 2 Series which is available in three variants.

Fitur House Of Marley Get Together 2 Series

The House Of Marley Get Together 2 Series consists of Get Together XL, Get Together, and Get Together Mini. The difference between the three is in the size and configuration of the speakers it carries. Carrying an environmentally friendly concept, all three are made of bamboo and covered with cloth made from recycled plastic bottle waste. The design is also dust and water resistant with an IP65 rating.

The first variant, Get Together 2, comes with a medium size. This portable speaker carries two full range drivers and dual tweeters with up to 40W of sound output. Bass Boost and Marley Signature Sound EQ features are also supported. For battery life Get Together 2 promises up to 20 hours of usage time. The battery also supports the fast recharge feature.

For the smallest variant is Get Together 2 Mini. The sound reproduction relies on two full range drivers only. There are no tweeters like in the previous Get Together 2. Instead, House Of Marley features dual passive radiators for powerful bass performance. The battery capacity is also smaller. The battery life is about 15 hours for a single charge with the fast recharge feature.

Finally, Get Together 2 XL is the biggest variant. The sound is also the most powerful with two full range drivers, a 4-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter.

Price Of House Of Marley Get Together 2 Series

For now, the first to be available on the market are the House Of Marley Get Together 2 £249.99 or around US$303 and £149.99 or around US$182 for the price of the Get Together 2 Mini. House Of Marley Get Together 2 XL costs £399.99 or US$485.


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