There are several ways that can be taken to invite other people to join a WhatsApp group where one of them includes through a special link or link.

By using the invite method, users can more easily add people to a group because they don’t have to add them one by one manually.

This method that utilizes the Invite via Link feature in WhatsApp even allows someone to add other users to the group without the need to save a phone number first.

In addition, users can also filter directly who is really interested in joining the group and minimize errors in marking contacts when adding members. It’s just that the WhatsApp group you want to share must be formed first. Users who don’t have it can of course make it the usual way.

Users can then create a special link for the group through the settings in WhatsApp. In more detail, here’s how to do it for those of you who don’t know.

How to make a link for a WhatsApp group invitation

  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Create a group if you don’t have one
  • Join the group to be shared
  • Tap Group Title
  • Click the Invite via link menu ( Invite to Group via Link )
  • Select the link sharing option to use

There are several link sharing options that users can use when using the Invite via Link feature, including Send link via WhatsApp, Share Link, Copy Link, or QR Code.

Send link via WhatsApp allows someone to share the link directly through the app, Share Link via sharing to another service, Copy Link to copy it as text, while QR Code displays it as a quick response code.

Interestingly enough, if it is damaged and cannot be used to join, you can also create a new WhatsApp group link by using the reset link feature which is also found on the settings page.

How to Create a New WhatsApp Group Invitation Link

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Revisit the Invite Link page for related groups
  • Click the Reset Link menu
  • Confirm with Reset Link option once again

But please note, anyone can join a WhatsApp group if you follow the related link. Therefore, as much as possible share it only with people who can be trusted.

Of course, media in the form of links can not only be used to share a WhatsApp Group. You can also use it to create personal contacts for easy display on social media .


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