Did you know that Spotify can create Folders to manage your favorite playlists? If you don’t know, this article might be useful so that your playlist collection isn’t cluttered and is easier to access without the need for long scrolling. Curious about how to use the Folder feature on Spotify? Come on, just take a look!

How to create a playlist folder on Spotify

In short, the folders you create can contain playlists or compilations of songs that you can group by theme, mood, source, or other categories. The existence of this folder will save you time when looking for the desired playlist. How to make:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your desktop or web player
  2. Right-click on the selected playlist, then click “Create folder”. You will see a new empty folder on the screen named “New Folder” in the Spotify desktop app or web player.
  3. Rename the original “New Folder” according to preferences.
  4. Just drag and drop to add more playlists to the folder.
  5. The folder for the playlist is ready to use. Use the arrow buttons next to the folder name to expand or shrink the folder view.
  6. Users can also create folders within folders. Simply right-click on the folder in question and click “Create folder”.

How? It’s easy, right?

Folders can be deleted

If at any time you change your mind, you can pull out the desired playlist from within the Folder. In fact, you can also delete Folders. But please note, permanently deleting the folder will delete all the playlists in it.


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