Google Smart Lock is one feature that should not be missed because we can more easily enter into a service or device.

This Google-made support allows us to manage the process of signing in to services and devices automatically. We will be able to work or play right away without the need to remember passwords or security codes which are generally quite complicated.

This security feature is also available for several applications and web pages through the Google Chrome browser. These include such as Instagram which now seems to be one of the mandatory services on our cellphones.

Just like on other social media services, Smart Lock on Instagram can also make it easier for us to access accounts without the need to enter a username and password. The ease of this support sometimes unfortunately has some unfortunate repercussions.

For the Instagram application itself, its proactive nature often makes us nervous to log into the account. After changing the password, for example, Smart Lock support still uses old data so that we are rejected by the Instagram service or sometimes are also forced to log in with an old account when we want to use a new one.

Deleting data from Smart Lock can certainly be an option that can be taken if this happens. We can do this either through Google settings on Android phones or password managers via the web.

How to Clear Google Smart Lock Data For Instagram

Via Android Settings

  • Go to Settings page
  • Tap on Google option

  • Change to the related account if needed
  • Click the Manage your Google Account button
  • Go to Security tab
  • Scroll to the Signing into other sites section
  • Tap Password Manager
  • Choose Instagram
  • Use your phone’s PIN, password or fingerprint sensor
  • Click Delete to delete Instagram login information

To get satisfactory results , also delete Instagram data through the application manager page. This is necessary because the system will generally store old data (including accounts and passwords) which sometimes overlaps with new ones.

Removing Smart Lock information for Instagram via Android and web settings isn’t really that different. But if you have difficulty doing this, you can follow this one step.

Via Web

  1. Open your own browser
  2. Visit the page
  3. Sign in with the associated Google account
  4. Choose Instagram
  5. Verify using screen lock or fingerprint sensor as requested
  6. Tap Delete

The problem with logging in to Instagram account should be resolved by using the steps above. But if it’s not enough to solve it, we are forced to disable Smart Lock.

How to Disable Google Smart Lock

Instagram App Only

  • Go to Password Manager page via Android settings
  • On the page, tap Settings (gear icon)
  • Scroll down until you find the Declined sites and apps section (previously it might have looked like a blank page)
  • Tap the Add more button (Plus sign)
  • Choose Instagram

By adding an app or site to the Declined sites and apps section, Smart Lock will no longer manage the login process to the associated service. But of course, this feature will still work for the others and will need to be removed if you want to use it again.


  • Visit the Settings page for Password Manager as before
  • At the top, turn off the Offer to save passwords and Auto sign-in options
  • Close settings
  • Clear the cache using the features found on the cellphone if needed

In addition to using the method above, disabling this feature for applications and sites can also be done through settings. We can generally visit the Settings > Security > Other security settings > Advanced > Trust Agents page and turn off the Smart Lock (Google) button .


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