With the price and performance offered, AMD Ryzen has proven to be successful in bringing back AMD’s fading prestige. Mid-range laptops to gaming laptops with AMD Ryzen continue to appear. Then what about the laptop segment in the entry class whose selling price is cheaper? The good news, AMD does not immediately leave this segment. This segment is filled by AMD Athlon processors. Editors who are sophisticated.com this time the presence of a laptop from AMD with AMD Athlon Gold. The laptop is from the HP manufacturer, namely HP 14s dk100au. Intrigued by the performance? Check out the following reviews.

HP 14s-dk1003au design

Cheap does not mean cheap. At least this impression was what we caught when we first saw the HP 14s-dk1003au. Priced at 5 million, this laptop design looks quite premium with a silver bandage. Its weight is around 1.47 Kg which is also relatively slim and light. Easy to carry to work anywhere.

The connectivity port that it carries is also complete. On the left side is a USB Type-C port and an SD memory card reader slot. On the right side there are two SuperSpeed ​​USB Type-A ports, one HDMI 1.4b port, an RJ-45 and a combo headphone / microphone port.

Screen HP 14s-dk1003au

The HP 14s-dk1003au also comes with a micro-edge screen with a thin frame on the left and right of the screen panel. Meanwhile, on the upper and lower sides of the screen, the frame is still quite wide. Looks quite up to date in its price class. Above the display panel can be found a TrueVision HD webcam. It is quite unfortunate that HP has not equipped the webcam with a cover feature to protect privacy.

The screen panel measures 14 inches with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen is relatively average, just like other entry class laptops. Considering the cheap selling price, we also understand that the screen resolution is not yet Full HD and does not carry an IPS panel. So, the viewing angle from the display panel is indeed limited. Even so, overall the screen is still very adequate for use for work, browsing, and enjoying multimedia content.

HP 14s-dk1003au Keyboard and Trackpad

Carrying an ordinary screen, one added value of the HP 14s-dk1003au is in the keyboard sector. HP’s strategy of installing a backlit light on the HP 14s-dk1003au keyboard in our opinion deserves thumbs up. The reason is, it is not easy to find a laptop with a backlit keyboard in this price class.

Moreover, the chiclet-style keyboard it carries is also comfortable to use for typing. Button size, depth and distance between buttons are just right. The mouse trackpad area is also quite wide and very responsive to the touch of a finger. The mouse trackpad left and right click buttons are also made separate, not integrated with the trackpad. The two buttons are also quite soft and not too noisy when pressed.

HP 14s-dk1003au performance

Turning to the kitchen runway performance sector, this laptop is entrusted with the AMD Athlon Gold 3150U processor, 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk storage space. For the following benchmark results.

With these standard specifications, the performance of the HP 14s-dk1003au is quite fast in its class. Running productivity applications like Microsoft Office and browsing the specifications is very adequate. For video conferencing through various video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, when we use it for Work From Home (WFH), it is still capable. In short, the specifications of this laptop are just right for basic computing needs that are light and not too heavy. This laptop is also not intended for gaming. Even so, just to fill your spare time, light games like DOTA: 2 or CS: GO can still run quite smoothly.

If only HP equipped it with an SSD, it would feel like the HP 14s-dk1003au would be even more attractive in its price class. Moreover, the upgrade options from this laptop are also quite a lot. If you are not satisfied with its performance, the performance of the HP 14s-dk1003au can still be improved. RAM is expandable, there are two RAM slots in this laptop system. With a dual channel RAM configuration, at least it can be a solution to boost the performance of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 3 GPU it carries. It is also possible to upgrade or add an SSD to increase its performance to make it faster. So, if you have more funds, we recommend enough upgrade options

Then what about the durability of the battery? From our tests, the battery life is average. For typing, browsing, and connecting to WiFi with a screen brightness level of 50% without turning on the backlit keyboard, the battery can last for about 5 hours.


In the midst of the trend of working and studying from home, laptops are now a necessary device. The performance of the HP 14s-dk1003au has proven to be decent and reliable for a variety of basic computing needs. The backlit keyboard and component upgrade options to enhance its performance are a standout in its price class.

This laptop can be selected and we highly recommend it for students or workers who have limited funds. What’s more, with selling prices that are in the range of $360 to $370 USD. The HP 14s-dk1003au is relatively inexpensive because it includes Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Home Student 2019.

+ Good performance for basic computing
+ Relatively cheap price
+ Complete connectivity port
+ Relatively light weight
+ Equipped with Backlit keyboard
+ Can upgrade RAM and storage space
+ Includes Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Home Student 2019

What’s Lacking
– Average screen
– Not using an SSD yet


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