Huawei is not a new player in the smart glasses segment. The latest smart glasses, Huawei Smart Glasses, look promising with a modular concept and equipped with fitness features.

Features of Huawei Smart Glass

Huawei Smart Glasses are also different from previous Huawei smart glasses. The first difference is that Huawei Smart Glasses are no longer co-developed with Gentle Monster. These smart glasses are also the first to have a modular concept and run the HarmonyOS operating system.

Huawei Smart Glasses are available in three classic-style bezel designs namely Boston, Wellington and Aviator. Lens options are available with the option of sunglasses, prescription or lenses with bluelight filters. Thanks to the modular concept these lenses can be replaced. If you get bored you can also easily replace the frame. The modular concept is similar to Anker’s Soundcore Frames smart glasses .

Each frame is equipped with 128mm speakers and a microphone. With the help of a virtual assistant, Celia, users are also possible to answer and make phone calls, listen to music and get navigational guidance by relying on voice commands.

One of the most interesting features of Huawei Smart Glasses is the support for fitness features. These smart glasses can give a warning if you don’t sit in the right position. A warning will also appear if staring at a cellphone or computer screen for too long can cause neck and back pain.

Huawei Smart Glasses can be used up to about 4.5 hours to make phone calls. To listen to music, the battery can last up to 6 hours and the standby time can be up to 16 hours.

Huawei Smart Glass Price

Huawei Smart Glasses are now available in the Chinese market. The price of Huawei Smart Glasses starts from US $267. 


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