Huawei is raising the bar for smartwatches. Its newest product, Watch Buds , is the first smartwatch equipped with the TWS feature or wireless earbuds.

Features of the Huawei Watch Buds

The idea of ​​combining TWS and smartwatches in one device deserves a thumbs up. This is because TWS and smartwatches are the two most used wearable devices today.

Watch Buds come with a body design that carries stainless steel material. The screen carries an AMOLED touch panel measuring 1.43 inches and is covered with a layer of 3D glass.

Then where is the location of the TWS module it carries? Huawei hides it behind the scenes. If you open the screen upwards, you can find two tiny earbud modules. As a result, the dimensions of this smart watch have indeed become slightly thicker and heavier. The body design is 50% thicker than the Watch GT 3 Pro. Meanwhile, the weight without a strap is around 66.5 grams. 16.5 grams or about 33% heavier than the Watch GT 3 Pro. Even though it is slightly thicker and heavier, this smartwatch is still very ideal in the hand.

Another compromise is in the battery. The Watch Buds battery can last up to about 3 days. Meanwhile, the TWS battery that he carries can be used up to about 4 hours to listen to music.

The features of the Watch Buds smart watch are still similar to other Huawei smart watches. For example, there are ECG sensors, sensors for monitoring blood oxygen levels, monitoring stress and sleep patterns, GPS, and up to 80 sports modes.

Meanwhile, the TWS module that he carries is equipped with an active noise cancellation feature or ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), transparency mode, dual microphones with noise reduction features and a dust and water resistant design with an IP54 rating.

Price and availability

This smartwatch is already available in the Chinese market. The price for Huawei Watch Buds is US$430.


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