Hyperkin launched its newest controller inspired by Microsoft’s old console controller, Xbox 360. Called Hyperkin Xenon, this officially licensed device is compatible with newer consoles such as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, as well as PCs based on Windows 10/11.

Features of Hyperkin Xenon

At the end of 2022, the Xbox 360 will be 17 years old. Sophisticated friends who have followed the gaming industry since the 2000s will certainly agree to call this console one of the most popular in the world at its heyday.

Maybe that’s the reason Hyperkin released Xenon. The hope is that there will be many gamers who want to reminisce and remember the excitement of playing back in 2005, when the Xbox 360 first appeared. Even so, that does not mean Xenon does not adopt more modern features.

Sophisticated friends are presented with a controller with a USB-C cable and has a Start and Back button. The Share button is of course also available. In essence, the features are adapted to the current Xbox controller, so only the design is old school.

Please note that Xenon is a wired controller, not wireless. This means gamers still have to connect the cable while playing, and can only be removed when not in use.

Prices and availability schedule

There is no information yet on the price of Hyperkin Xenon. Also, the availability schedule is only called 2023, with no set date. Xenon will be sold in four color choices, namely Black, White, Pink, and Red.


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