IKEA announced a portable table lamp called BETTORP . This table lamp is equipped with LED lighting technology and carries the 2-in-1 concept.

Features of IKEA BETTORP

IKEA BETTORP consists of two modules. The main module is a portable table lamp module. Meanwhile, both modules are wireless charging pads.

Carrying the 2-in-1 concept, each module can be used separately. So the IKEA BETTORP table lamp can be removed from its wireless charging base to place it anywhere.

The LED lamps used can produce light with a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin. The maximum brightness level is 150 lumens. To adjust the user’s needs, the brightness level can also be adjusted. So, it can be used in various usage scenarios. Like for example a bed lamp or room lamp.

For energy intake, IKEA BETTORP relies on rechargeable batteries. According to IKEA, with LED lights the power consumption is up to 85% more efficient. Use time can also be longer. For use with an estimated 3 hours a day, the LED lights can last up to 20 years.

Turning to the wireless charging mat module, this base consists of three parts. Two parts for charging the device and one for placing the IKEA BETTORP lamp. This wireless charging mat supports the Qi Wireless standard with 5W output. In addition, you can also charge two devices at once.


If interested the IKEA BETTORP price is US$59.99. There is only one color choice, namely bluish gray.


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