Insta360 announced the arrival of its first smartphone gimbal. Named, Flow, this gimbal offers an array of smart features and a compact, folding design.

Features of Insta360 Flow

Like other modern smartphone gimbals, Flow offers 3-axis stabilization capabilities, is equipped with a selfie stick, and a smartphone clamp with a magnetic system. In addition, there is an integrated tripod. So, no need to bother carrying an extra tripod for shooting independently.

The difference between Insta360 Flow and other similar products is in its smart features. Flow is equipped with Deep Track 3.0 technology which relies on artificial intelligence or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Deep Track 3.0 can track the subject and follow wherever the subject moves accurately and automatically. Indeed, this feature already exists in several contemporary gimbals from other manufacturers.

However, Deep Track 3.0 is claimed to be more sophisticated with three excellent features. The first is Person Re-identification. With this feature, Flow’s artificial intelligence is able to recognize and lock the tracked subject without interruption so that it is always in the frame. Even if the moving subject is being blocked by an object.

This is what makes the difference. In general, tracking capabilities on other smartphone gimbals will automatically cut off when the subject is obstructed by an object. In fact, person Re-identification can still work even if you record a slow motion video.

Then, the second feature is All-Angle Tracking. This feature allows artificial intelligence to recognize and follow the subject even if the subject changes shape due to the effect of movement from various directions.

Finally, Zoom Tracking. With this feature, the artificial intelligence will ensure that the subject is always in the frame, relying on the camera’s zoom feature in various scenarios. Even if the camera zooms in or zooms out, tracking the subject will not be interrupted. If the subject is out of the frame, the camera will automatically be set to zoom out or be directed to follow the direction of the subject’s motion.

Flow is also equipped with hand gesture commands. So, it will be easier for users to take pictures independently. In addition, there are various smart capture modes available from auto, Follow, Pan-Follow and FPV. This gimbal is also equipped with various camera effects such as TimeShift, Motion Timelapse, Barrel Roll, Dolly Zoom and Widescreen Mode. So, users can experiment with producing videos with more creative camera movement effects.

For energy intake, Flow carries a battery with a capacity of 2900mAh. The battery is quite large and can be used as a power bank to recharge smartphones in emergencies.

Price of Insta360 Flow

Insta360 Flow is currently available and retails for US$160.


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