Popular with its action camera, Insta360, is now launching a webcam camera. This first webcam product is Insta360 Link .

Features of Insta360 Link

Unlike most webcams, the Insta360 Link is equipped with a 3-axis dreadlocks system. The dreadlocks system is useful for stabilizing shooting. The concept is similar to the DJI Pocket 2. The difference is that the Insta360 is not a camera designed for adventure.

According to Insta360, Insta360 Link was created for content creators, online teachers, and workers who often work remotely. So, you can do live broadcasts or video conferencing with better picture quality.

Insta360 Link is equipped with a clip system. That way it can be installed on a PC monitor or laptop screen very easily. A tripod mount is also available for tabletop use.

For Insta360 Link specifications, this camera carries a 1/2-inch image sensor. The sensor size is above the average webcam sensor in general. With a larger sensor size, Insta360 Link can offer a better and more reliable dynamic range in low light conditions.

Insta360 Link can take pictures at 4K 30fps resolution. Thanks to the phase-detection autofocus system, the image capture from this camera is guaranteed to be always sharp and focused. This camera is also smart with artificial intelligence (AI) support. In addition, there is support for HDR mode, zoom and follow mode which can be adjusted via hand gesture control.

Price Insta360 Link

Insta360 Link is now available. The price of Insta360 Link is US$299.99.


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