Drones can now take 360-degree photos and videos. This has been successfully realized by Insta360 through its newest product, named Sphere.

Features of Insta360 Sphere

The Insta360 Sphere is a 360 camera specifically designed to be flown with a drone. For now, the drones that are compatible with the Insta360 Sphere are drones from the DJI manufacturer, namely the Mavic Air 2 or 2S.

The Insta360 Sphere carries two Insta360 camera modules. One face up and one face down. These two camera modules are mounted on a stand equipped with a special locking mechanism. So, it can be attached to the Mavic Air 2 or 2s body very securely. According to Insta360, the Sphere camera system will also not affect the GPS signal and communication between the remote controller and the drone during flight. In fact, it will not affect the flying duration of the drone. This is because the Sphere camera system is included with a rechargeable battery.

To take pictures, the two camera modules can produce 360-degree videos up to 5.7K resolution. In order to make the image capture more stable, the Insta360 Sphere is also equipped with the innovative FlowState stabilization system from Insta360. The battery is also long lasting. It can be used up to 48 minutes to take photos and record 5.7K video.

Through the editing process, Sphere can also eliminate drones from being seen when flying. Various shooting effects can also be produced through a series of creative effects that can be accessed through the video editing application.

Price Insta360 Sphere

Insta360 Sphere is now available in the Chinese and American markets. The price of Insta360 Sphere is US $430.


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