Insta360 announced its newest 360 camera called X3 . This camera brings an update in the sensor and a larger screen when compared to the previous generation.

Fitur Insta360 X3

X3 comes with a touch screen box measuring 2.29 inches. Previously, the One X2 had a small round screen. With a larger touch screen size, the X3 will make it easier for users to view the captured image.

The next update is on sensors. As a 360 camera, the X3 carries two camera modules on the front and back. These two camera modules come with sensors measuring 1/2 inch. Bigger when compared to One X2 which is only 1/2.3 inch. This larger sensor size will make the X3 superior in low light conditions.

The video recording capabilities are the same. This camera can record 360 videos up to 5.7K resolution and produce photos at 72 megapixel resolution.

If you don’t want to record 360 videos, the X3 can also be used as an action camera. Users can switch to Single Camera mode and record videos up to 4K resolution. To optimize video recording, HDR mode support and stabilizer features are available.

Other features Insta360 X3 has been designed to be water resistant up to 10 meters. This camera also still supports the Invisible selfie stick feature which can be used to remove the selfie stick during the editing process.

Price and availability

If interested, X3 is currently available on the market at a price of US $450.


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