The debut of Intel’s official desktop discrete graphics card is here. The first model to be available first is the Intel Arc A380 from the Arc A-Series 3 line .

Features of Intel Arc A380

The Intel Arc A-Series 3 is designed based on the Intel Xe High Performance Graphics (Xe HPG) microarchitecture which offers a range of modern features. Such as support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and ray tracing. Then, comes the AI ​​acceleration engine support from Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel XMX). This technology enables faster content creation and supports Intel’s AI-based super sampling technology, XeSS, arriving this summer.

The Intel Arc A-Series 3 will also support the Xe Media Engine, which offers the industry’s first AV1 hardware-accelerated video processing capabilities. In addition, it supports HEVC and H.264 for encode and decode, and is capable of processing 8K resolution video.

Thanks to the Xe Display Engine, it is also possible for users to use the monitor up to a refresh rate of 360 Hz in Full HD 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Multi monitor setup is also supported. Users can use up to four 4K 120 Hz monitors or two 8K 60 Hz resolution monitors.

The last feature Intel Arc A-Series 3 is equipped with Deep Link technology. This technology leverages the collaboration of Intel CPU and GPU performance to deliver new levels of performance and efficiency across a wide range of workloads. With a series of features, this graphics card is expected to be a new option for mainstream gamers and content creators.

Intel Arc A380 Price

The current Intel Arc A380 will be available in the Chinese market first through a system builder and then available as components from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The price of the Intel Arc A380 is ¥1030 Yuan.


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