Intel demonstrates the latest generation Thunderbolt port. This connector port technology is claimed to have a data transfer speed or bandwidth that is twice that of its predecessor generation.

As is known, the availability of the Thunderbolt 4 connector is currently one of the requirements that must be met for an Intel EVO Platform laptop. Users can use this port for various things, from charging, connecting to external displays, transferring data at high speeds to using external GPUs.

“This latest generation Thunderbolt is capable of delivering two-way bandwidth at a speed of 80 gigabits per second (Gbps). It has speeds of up to 120 Gbps for the best display experience,” said Jason Ziller, general manager of the Client Connectivity Division at Intel , Thursday (20/10/2022).

Jason revealed that Intel has always been a pioneer and industry leader for wired connectivity solutions, and Thunderbolt is now a mainstream port on mobile PCs and integrated into three generations of Intel mobile CPUs.

New Thunderbolt Port Prototype

At the same time, Intel also had the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of their latest generation Thunderbolt prototype with USB4 v2 specifications. However, Intel doesn’t necessarily refer to this new connector as “Next-Generation Thunderbolt, but only as a prototype to deliver the industry’s latest generation Thunderbolt port.

“We’re excited to be leading the industry forward with the next-generation Thunderbolt built on the USB4 v2 specification, developed into the next generation by Intel and other members of the USB Promoter Group,”.

The latest generation of Intel Thunderbolt also supports second-generation USB4 connector technology, “speeding” data transfer speeds via the PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 interface, and supports previous-generation Thunderbolt, USB, and DisplayPort connectors. There is also support for fast data transfer via cable up to a maximum of 1 meter with the help of another Intel technology called Signaling Technology.

Intel did not reveal when this latest generation Thunderbolt was launched, as well as its official name. However, the technology, which is said to be called Thunderbolt 5, will reportedly be introduced along with the 13th generation Intel Core processors for laptop devices in early 2023.


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