Intel introduced its newest application called Intel Unison. With this application, users can connect their PC with smartphones based on Android and iOS quickly and easily. What are the advantages like?

Intel Unison Features

When a PC is connected to an Android or iOS phone, Intel Unison allows users to do many things. The simplest is of course the transfer of photos, videos, and other files between devices. Suitable for users who often record or take pictures with mobile phones and editing on a PC.

In addition, users can also make calls, receive calls, or send messages directly from the PC. Of course, messages can be typed using a computer keyboard. Notifications that enter the phone will also appear on the monitor and can be managed directly from the PC.

With Unison, users who work on a PC every day can stay focused on one device and not be distracted by their cell phone. Moreover, the pairing process between a Windows-based PC with Android and iOS phones is promised to be very easy.

Schedule availability

For starters, Intel says that the new Unison will be available on laptops made by HP, Acer, and Lenovo with Intel Evo certification and armed with 12th-gen processors. In the future Intel will also launch a similar feature on Evo laptops with 13th generation processors. Unfortunately, there is no information about the availability of similar applications on other Intel PCs, especially those of the older generation.


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