Apple just announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Both offer several improvements over the previous generation. Interestingly, the Plus version this time is said to have the best battery in iPhone history.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus features

Please note that the latest generation of iPhone no longer provides a Mini version. iPhone 14 is the smallest model with a screen size of 6.1 inches. Apple returned to using the A15 chipset last year, but now comes with a 5-core GPU that was previously only embedded in the iPhone 13 Pro duo.

The iPhone 14 Plus, along with the new Pro line, has the longest battery life and is claimed to be able to watch videos for up to 26 hours. While for the standard version, the battery life reaches 20 hours for watching videos.

Both of these phones still rely on a 12 MP main camera. The sensor is larger than its predecessor, with an aperture of f/1.5 (previously f/1.6). As a result, according to Apple, the camera can capture light 49 percent better than the camera on the iPhone 13 .

In terms of software, Apple presents a feature called Photonic Engine that promises to improve photo quality in low light conditions. Compared to the previous generation, Apple claims an increase of 2 times on the front camera, 2 times on the ultra-wide camera, and 2.5 times on the main camera.

There is also a new feature called Action Mode. This feature has a function like an action camera that provides better stabilization rather that users don’t need a gimbal. Action Mode also supports recording in Dolby Vision HDR format. For the first time, the front camera of the iPhone 14 series is equipped with autofocus. The aperture is now f/1.9, better than before, which was still f/2.2.

The connectivity sector on this new iPhone duo deserves the spotlight. The reason is, Apple only launched it in an eSIM-only variant. There is also satellite support that allows users to send text messages in times of emergency.

Price and availability

The two latest iPhones are planned to be sold starting September 16, 2022. There is no information about sales in Indonesia yet. The iPhone 14 starts at US$799, while the iPhone 14 Plus starts at US$899.


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