IK Multimedia launches the iRig Stream Mic Pro microphone. This brand-new microphone is claimed to be more practical when compared to microphones from other manufacturers thanks to the series of features it brings.

Features of iRig Stream Mic Pro

iRig Stream Mic Pro comes with a multi-pattern condenser that supports clear and detailed sound recording. This microphone supports audio recording at high resolution 24-bit 96 kHz relying on two microphone capsules. Stream Mic Pro can also capture sound with a variety of patterns, namely cardioid, figure 8, omnidirectional, and stereo. So, it is ideal for streamers, content creators to musicians.

For compatibility, Stream Mic Pro can be used on Windows-based PC devices, Mac, to smartphones or tablets running iOS and Android operating systems. Relying on the 3.5mm audio jack connection, this device can also be connected to other devices such as Media Players, keyboards, turntables, mixers, and many more.

Another convenience Stream Mic Pro is compatible with the Loopback+ feature. Through this feature users can add music from smartphones or other devices. It is also possible for users to separate the audio signal from the microphone to different applications to add various effects such as reverb, EQ and noise reduction. Then, the results can be directly shared to applications such as Instagram or Tiktok.

iRig Stream Mic Pro Price

The iRig Stream Mic Pro is currently available and priced at US$170. Various applications are also included in the sales package such as Recorder 3 LE, MixBox CS and MixBox SE.


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