Kingston presents its newest line of products that have been certified AMD Expo, namely the AMD Extend Profiles memory profile for overclocking purposes. The line is built on the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 module architecture.

Aims to provide the latest options to gamers and modders. Kingston’s new gaming memory is optimized for AMD’s latest AM5 platform.

“With the presence of Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 AM5, users can maximize performance while maintaining stability because the modules and kits of this product have been specifically designed according to the needs of their AMD AM5 system,” said Kingston in a written statement, Sunday (2/10/2022).

Now with AMD Extended Profile for Overclocking, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 AM5 memory offers an easy overclocking solution with two built-in profiles, plus one user-customizable profile allowing users to reach aggressive speeds of up to 6,000MT/s1 without additional tuning.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5

Recognized by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer, the Kingston FURY Beast memory line features a rugged low-profile heat spreader design with one-die ECC (ODECC) for increased stability at extreme speeds, and on-module Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) for better power distribution.

Whether you’re playing games with extreme settings, live streaming at 4K+, to creating larger 3D animations and renderings, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory is the solution you need for a performance boost that’s also stylish.

“As the world’s #1 supplier of DRAM modules, Kingston always strives to provide our customers with industry-leading technology and high quality products,” wrote Kingston.

The Kingston FURY Beast line provides two overclocking profile options, featuring Intel® XMP and AMD EXPO technologies. The AMD EXPO certified Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB are now available in 16GB single module and 2 32GB kits and are RGB equipped.


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