Lens manufacturer Venus Optics is once again breaking into the world of photography. Its latest lens, the Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie, has managed to become the world’s most compact wide rectilinear lens for APS-C cameras.

Features of Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie

The Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie adopts a pancake lens design. Body length is only about 25mm. Meanwhile, it weighs about 130 grams only. Very compact and lightweight. Ideal for attaching to small mirrorless cameras.

Beneath its compact and lightweight body the Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie carries a design of twelve elements in eight groups. This includes two aspherical lens elements and four extra-low dispersion lenses.

According to Venus Optics, the Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie can take pictures with a range of up to 109.3 degrees. The widest among the other wide rectilinear lenses.

Entering the category of Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie rectilinear lens, it also excels in distortion control. This lens can produce wide and almost distortion-free photos. Making it very suitable for photographing landscapes, interiors, architecture and street photography.

The Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie will be available in two color options, namely black and silver. This lens will be available for cameras with APS-C sensors that use Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E, Leica L and Fujifilm X mounts.

Price Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie

The Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie is now available on the Venus Optics website. The price of the Laowa 10mm F/4 Cookie is US$299.


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