Leica revives the Leica M6 analog rangefinder camera . The camera, which has become popular since its debut in 1984, is packed with a series of more modern features.

Features of Leica M6 2022

The M6 ​​has a long history in the world of photography. This camera has been in production for about 18 years. It was started in 1984 and production was discontinued in 2002. During the period from 1984 to 2022, 175,000 units of M6 cameras have been successfully produced. All cameras are made by hand or handmade. So, don’t be surprised if the M6 ​​has many fans and has succeeded in becoming an icon in the world of photography.

The presence of the M6 ​​in 2022 is quite a breath of fresh air for analog photography lovers. Especially for those with thick pockets. The design hasn’t changed much. The M6’s original design is preserved. This camera also still relies on 35mm film rolls to take pictures. Some of the updates that the M6 ​​2022 brings include:

– Viewfinder with Coated Glass Surface coating, magnification 0.72 times
– Red dot logo with Leitz inscription like the original version
– Solid brass body construction
– LED light meter with red dot indicator and battery warning
– ISO dial with electronic component support
– Features Automatically turns off when the camera is not in use
– Comes with a genuine leather strap with the words LEICA

Price and availability

If you are interested, this camera will be available on the market in November 2022. The price of the Leica M6 2022 is US $ 5295.


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