Together with Grammy Award-winning musician, Seal, Leica launched the Leica Q2 Dawn Edition camera . This limited edition camera looks special with a body wrapped in a very unique special cloth material.

Features of Leica Q2 Dawn Edition

The fabric material was developed in collaboration with the Japanese brand Hosoo. The composition is made of 93% black polyester yarn and the remaining 7% gold colored Washi.

Washi is paper made by the traditional method in Japan. Washi is different from machine-made paper. Washi has longer fibers. So, it can be made thinner and not easily torn or worn. You can also find Seal’s signature and engraved serial number on the camera body.

The extra specialties are added with the addition of exclusive scarf accessories designed by artist Annina Roescheisen. This scarf bearing the lyrics of the song Seal was developed by New York-based fashion label Rag & Bone and produced in Italy. There are two color variants namely black and white. The white version is sold separately at select Leica Stores.

For the specifications there is nothing different from the standard version . This premium compact camera comes with a 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor and a 28mm Summilux lens with an aperture of F/1.7.

Price and availability

If interested, the price of the Leica Q2 Dawn Edition is US $5995. Availability is very limited to only 500 units worldwide.


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