The Leica SL2 , which was launched in 2019, is only available with a black body color. Now, the SL2 Silver Edition has been officially announced with a combination of silver and black colors.

Specifications SL2 Silver Edition

The launch of this camera is to answer the expectations of customers who are looking forward to the SL2 with a more classic aura typical of Leica cameras.

The SL2 Silver Edition comes with a silver top plate and base plate combined with black leather material. An identical combination to the M11 rangefinder camera.

There is no update for specifications. The SL2 Silver Edition is still the same as the previous SL2 which was black. This camera is equipped with a full frame CMOS sensor with a resolution of 47 megapixels and a Maestro III processor.

With these specifications, the SL2 offers ISO settings up to ISO 50000, can shoot continuously at 20 fps with an electronic shutter and supports video recording at 4K resolution. The SL2 is also equipped with a 5 axis shift sensor stabilization feature which can stabilize shocks up to around 5.5 stops using any Leica lens.

Price for the Leica SL2 Silver Edition

The SL2 Silver Edition is now available and retails for the same price as the black SL2. In Indonesia, the Leica SL2 is sold at an official price of USD $7.870,99.

First impression

With a combination of silver and black, the classic aura is indeed more prominent in this camera. This is in line with Leica’s popular identity with retro-style rangefinder cameras. Apart from being luxurious, this silver Leica SL2 will evoke positive nostalgia.


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