Not wanting to miss the smart monitor trend, Lenovo launched ThinkView Plus. This monitor is presented to support the trend of video conferencing complete with Microsoft Teams integration.

Lenovo ThinkView Plus features

Being a smart monitor means that ThinkView Plus can be used independently without the need for a PC. This device is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm QCS8250 processor and runs the Android operating system.

To connect to the ThinkView Plus network, you rely on WiFi 6 connectivity. This device also has a smart 4K infrared webcam with support for image adjustment and automatic framing features that rely on artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, in the audio sector, there is a detachable soundbar that can be installed under the screen panel. The soundbar carries a 5W speaker and four integrated microphones.

Compatible only with the Microsoft Teams video conferencing application, this makes this device quite limited. However, with a large screen size, ThinkView Plus is very flexible. This device can still be used as a 27-inch monitor.

You only need to connect the ThinkView Plus to the PC system via the USB-C port. Supported by a panel with Full HD resolution, the display on the screen will also look sharp and sufficient to support daily productivity. Apart from USB-C connectivity, other ports available are HDMI, DisplayPort and two USB-A ports.

Lenovo ThinkView Plus Price

ThinkView Plus is planned to be available in the middle of this year at a price of US $ 2345 


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