LG announces rival TV The Frame from Samsung. Named, the LG Objet, this TV will become a work of art in your home.

Features of LG Object

According to LG, the idea of ​​the LG Objet is to emulate the canvases of artists. The design of this TV is very beautiful and elegant with a 65-inch OLED screen panel. The design is also very minimalist. With a choice of neutral colors, the LG Objet will harmonize with any interior style in the room.

The most attractive feature of the LG Objet is its cloth cover. The cover cloth is from the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat. There are three color options available, namely Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood and Kvadrat Green. That way, if you are bored, you can easily change the color of the cover.

This cover can go up and down automatically just by pressing a button on the LG remote. In Line View mode the cover will cover part of the screen panel and leave a little display above the panel. The screen area that is not covered can be used to display the date and time, music player, and display a variety of exclusive image collections stored in the gallery.

The LG Object is also very unique. To install it in the TV room, you don’t need to attach it to the wall. The design is specifically made so that it can be leaned against the wall at an angle of about five degrees. Another feature of the LG Objet, there is speaker support with cinema-class sound system. The audio sector relies on speakers with a 4.2 channel configuration with 80W output.

LG Object price

LG Objet will also participate at CES 2022 in January. However, LG has already started selling this TV in the Korean market. The price of the LG Objet is in the range of US $ 8,355


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