After 6 years of struggling with Windows 10 development, Microsoft is finally ready to take users on an adventure in a new ecosystem called Windows 11 that offers a variety of fresh things.

Through an event held on June 24, 2021, the company led by Satya Nadella even ensured that Windows 11 would provide a new experience because it brought a number of major changes in it.

Not only on the display side which now looks a little more modern, Windows 11 also brings a number of new equipment with a user protection system that is claimed to be the safest release.

Interested users can try it starting June 28, 2021 through the Microsoft Insider program which now requires a minimum system with more complicated requirements than before.

But if you’re just curious about the various new features it brings, here’s a quick look at some of the changes that are present in this new generation of operating systems.

List of New Features and Changes in Windows 11

Overhaul of Display Design

Productivity, creativity, and convenience are the backbone of Windows 11 development. Therefore, Microsoft is also trying to present a more friendly interface.

Microsoft is one of them starting to use the Start Menu in the middle of the taskbar (now called the dock) to make it easier for users to find what they need.

Microsoft 365 and Cloud are also additional options that come to replace Live Tiles in the Start Menu to make it easier to access the latest files regardless of what device was used before.

Users can also work, study, and play with more application windows that are open simultaneously because Windows 11 also has higher flexibility in managing the display through the side by side snap apps feature.

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops

Plus, Microsoft added some support called Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops that allow one to complete multiple tasks in a more organized manner.

The new feature has support for managing Windows windows so that users can better customize the display so it’s less cluttered but can still find what they need.

With this new feature, users can also create multiple screens for every part of life so that a computer can be turned into a special desktop for work, study, play games, or entertainment according to the activities undertaken.

Integrated Microsoft Teams Chats

Ease of communication is also one of the features that Microsoft introduced in Windows 11. They also integrated the Microsoft Teams Chats feature into the dock.

Therefore, users can now more quickly connect with colleagues or family using messages, audio conversations, and video calls from these communication services.

Even if the person you’re calling doesn’t have the Microsoft Teams app installed on their device, it’s still possible to contact them with two-way SMS support.

New Game Technology

Windows 11 also includes a number of new technologies designed to enhance the gaming experience on computers such as DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, and Auto HDR.

DirectX 12 Ultimate – Playing games with high frame rates can certainly provide a more amazing experience. DirectX 12 Ultimate is also here to enable this.

DirectStorage – Games run more smoothly on Windows 11. For the first time, Microsoft is adapting DirectStorage from Xbox Velocity Architecture on Xbox Series X|S which allows graphics cards to load assets faster without burdening the CPU.

Auto HDR – Windows 11 also offers a superior display for games based on DirectX 11 and above thanks to the automatic HDR (High Dynamic Range) enhancement technology which has a wider and more vivid color range than the Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) of the previous generation.


The Widgets feature is back on the Windows 11 dock with a new look that is armed with an artificial intelligence system and Microsoft Edge to make it easier for users to access various kinds of information.

Users can use it to view weather information, tasks from Microsoft To do, schedule schedules in Calendar, photos in the Photos app, news, to web pages via Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Store Update

In addition to a lighter display, Windows 11 brings a number of updates to the Microsoft Store service which is now designed as a trusted place to get applications, games, and entertainment content.

Users can discover more apps than ever before. In addition, they can search for content and products more easily through features such as curated stories and collections.

Running Android Apps

Very interestingly, the future Windows 11 will have support for installing and running Android applications so that users will no longer need to install an emulator.

At the end of 2021, Microsoft even plans to distribute Android applications officially through the Microsoft Store although the download page will still be thrown to the Amazon Appstore.

Windows 11 certainly has more new support in the future. As with Windows 10, which is officially distributed today, its features are likely to continue to evolve according to the needs of users.


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