Logitech launched the Casa Pop-Up Desk . This unique device is a compact folding desk with keyboard support and mouse trackpad to support hybrid work styles.

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk Specifications

The Casa Pop-Up Desk is designed for laptops. Carrying a folding design this device is very concise and easy to carry when on the move. The dimensions are the size of A4 paper only.

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk

This device consists of three components. First is Casa Book. At first glance it looks similar to an agenda book. The outer layer is covered in cloth material and is equipped with a silicone strap. When opened the user will find a stand and support to place the laptop. In addition, the Casa Book also provides a small pocket for storing cables and other accessories.

The second component is Casa Keys which is a compact wireless keyboard. The third component is Casa Touch which is a trackpad whose function is to control the mouse cursor.

Casa Keys and Casa Touch are powered by rechargeable batteries. Once recharge Casa Keys battery life can be up to five months and about three weeks for Casa Touch.

To connect to the laptop, both rely on a Bluetooth connection. Both can also connect to three devices. Through the Easy Switch feature you can switch between devices more quickly and easily.

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk Price

Casa Pop-Up Desk will be available in three color variants. Among them are Nordic Calm (white), Bohemian Blush (pink) and Classic Chic (charcoal/black). The selling price is US$229 or around 3.4 million Rupiah.

First impression

Even though the selling price is quite premium, the Casa Pop-Up Desk idea is still very attractive. One complete package, Casa Pop-Up Desk, can support you to work anywhere more comfortably.


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