Logitech doesn’t want to miss the gaming-only TWS trend. Named Logitech G Fits , this TWS is the first in the world to carry an innovative technology called LIGHTFORM.

Fitur Logitech G Fits

LIGHTFORM technology allows the tips of these TWS ear tips to change shape to suit the user’s ear. The method is very fast and easy.

When attached to the ear, the LED light will harden the tips of the ear tips that contain gel. This adjustment process can be accessed via an application on a smartphone and only lasts about 60 seconds. In this way the tips of the ear tips will follow the shape of the ear and can be installed perfectly without being easily detached. Another advantage of sound insulation will also be better. So, no active noise cancellation is needed anymore.

As a TWS gaming low latency level is the most important requirement. That’s why Logitech adopted its flagship Lightspeed wireless technology into this TWS. In addition, Bluetooth connection support is still available.

Without the noise canceling feature, the battery life will be longer. It can be up to about 7 hours on a single charge with the LIGHTSPEED wireless connection . With the addition of a protective case, users can get an additional time of about 8 hours. So, the total usage time is about 15 hours. Meanwhile, if via a Bluetooth connection the battery can last up to 9 hours. With the help of the protective case, the total usage time can be up to 20 hours.

The sound quality is also considered. This TWS sound output is configured by audio experts from Ultimate Ears. Gamers can also easily adjust the sound output through the EQ feature in the application. In addition, there are various preset modes that are optimized for gaming, listening to music and podcasts.

Price and availability

There is no further information on how much the Logitech G Fits will cost on the market. The plan is that TWS will be available in 2023.


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