A comfortable keyboard, mouse and gaming headset to use is essential. Especially for gamers who often play games for a long time. Well, in this review, our editorial desk has the newest Logitech gaming headset, the G733 Lightspeed. Comfort is one of the most superior features. Then what about other features and audio quality? Check out our review below.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed design

Very light and minimalistic. That was our first impression when we met this gaming headset. The only feature that accentuates the gaming aura is the RGB LED lights on the ear cups.

The total weight of the Logitech G733 Lightspeed is only 278 grams. There is no element of metal or iron material in this headset. The body is light because it is made entirely of plastic.

The plastic material is very sturdy. In the head band area, the plastic material is flexible and strong enough. To adjust the size of the user’s head, there is a rubber strap on the head band that can be removed and adjusted for height and low.

Supported by ear cups that can also be adjusted high and low, this trick has succeeded in making the Logitech G733 Lightspeed fit comfortably and perfectly on the head.

Shifting to the ear cup, the Logitech G733 Lightspeed ear cup design cannot be folded or rotated. So, it will take up more space when put in a bag.

The foam on the ear pads is quite thick and soft. Quite effective at warding off outside noise. The foam on the ear pad is also covered with a soft cloth.

The microphone design is also flexible with a detachable modular style. The positive value, this microphone can be used as needed. However, users are clearly obliged to save them properly so they don’t get lost. For microphones we still prefer a more practical foldable model like the one in the Logitech G633s.

Overall the Logitech G733 Lightspeed design is indeed comfortable to use. We use it to play games with a duration of about 5 hours, the ears do not feel hot and do not make the neck or head sore.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed connectivity buttons and ports

The navigation buttons and connectivity ports on the Logitech G733 Lightspeed are on the left earpad. The buttons and connectivity ports it carries are not many. There is only a button to mute the microphone, a volume setting wheel and a power button. The buttons are quite comfortable to press.

When connected and pressing the power button, gamers can also immediately listen to the sound that informs the remaining percentage of the battery. Quite functional so there’s no need to look at the Logitech G Hub app anymore.

Meanwhile, in the connectivity sector, there is only one USB-C port for recharging the battery. Carrying wireless connectivity, the 3.5mm audio jack port is absent on this gaming headset. It is quite unfortunate and makes it limited to only being attached to a PC, laptop or Playstation 4 console. If the battery runs out gamers also can’t switch to the 3.5mm audio jack cable, so the battery must always be charged in order to use it.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed features

Discussing the features of the Logitech G733 Lightspeed will not be separated from the two exclusive Logitech technologies in this headset, namely Lightspeed and Lightsync RGB.

Carrying Lightspeed wireless connectivity this gaming headset can connect wirelessly up to a distance of 20 meters. Its ability to connect to a USB-A receiver that must be plugged into a PC is also relatively fast.

As a wireless headphone, the latency level is very low. We hardly feel any delay when playing games or enjoying multimedia content. Lightspeed connectivity is also very power efficient. According to Logitech, this battery can be used for up to about 29 hours and up to 20 hours with active Lightsync RGB lighting. Very durable and can accompany you to play games all day long.

Meanwhile, Lightsync RGB is the lighting system. Through the Logitech G Hub application, Lightsync RGB with the two zones that it carries can be adjusted for color output according to taste. LightSync RGB also supports a variety of effects, presets, and can be synchronized with a Logitech keyboard or mouse equipped with the LightSync RGB feature.

The sound settings on the Logitech G Hub are also very complete. EQ feature is available to adjust the sound output. Support for 7.1 surround sound options from DTS X v2.0 is also supported to boost sound performance. The microphone that he carries can also be adjusted with the support of the Blue Voice microphone setting feature via the various preset options available.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed sound quality

To produce sound Logitech G733 Lightspeed brings PRO-G drivers from Logitech measuring 40mm. To try it, we used this headset to play Shadow of Tomb Raider and CS: GO games. EQ settings in the flat option and activate the DTS Surround Sound feature with the Gaming option.

As a result, the sound quality must be thumbs up. The surround feature of DTS X 2.0 manages to boost the sound quality by providing a 3D surround sound effect that is very real and quite detailed. Meanwhile, when playing the game CS: GO, the enemy’s footsteps can also be heard clearly from various directions. The quality of the microphone it carries is also quite good. It is optimal when used for communication during online gaming sessions.

To enjoy multimedia content such as listening to music or playing games, Logitech G733 Lightspeed is also still reliable. To listen to music without turning on the EQ and DTS Surround options, the sound settings are flat. The composition of the vocal, bass and treble sound is balanced. It is very convenient to listen to a variety of music genres. The bass sector feels quite powerful, although maybe for some people it will feel less. Returning to individual tastes, from our tests the available surround sound options are also not suitable for listening to music. The Surround Sound option that it carries is more suitable for gaming and watching movies.


The Logitech G733 Ligthspeed is almost perfect. A lightweight design, comfortable to use for a long time, support for RGB lighting and topnotch sound quality are a series of advantages. It’s quite unfortunate that Logitech has removed the 3.5mm audio jack port on this gaming headset. Even so, the Lightspeed wireless connectivity that it brings is clearly very reliable with the ability to connect very fast, low latency level and save power. With a selling price of $166 USD, the Logitech G733 Lightspeed is highly recommended for gamers who need a gaming headset with good audio quality, complete audio features and comfortable use for long periods of time.

+ Very light weight
+ Minimalist design with RGB lighting
+ Comfortable to use for long periods of time
+ Wireless connection with very low latency
+ Fine sound quality
+ Features very complete audio settings
+ Supported DTS X Surround 7.1
+ Long battery life

What is lacking
– Not equipped with a 3.5mm jack
– The microphone is prone to detachment from the plug


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