Logitech announced two new products for creators. One of them is Litra Beam, a table lamp specially designed as a lighting source.

Features of Logitech Litra Beam

The Litra Beam is no ordinary table lamp. The legs are designed to be flexible. The height can be adjusted. This lamp can also be rotated and tilted as needed. That way users can adjust the lighting more easily when broadcasting live or recording video. In fact, having two or more Litra Beams allows the user to experiment with various lighting techniques. Like for example Front, Split, Butterfly and Rembrandt.

The lighting system carries LED lights with TrueSoft Tech technology. This technology allows this lamp to produce accurate color lighting that will look natural on all skin tones. Thanks to the support of the frameless diffuser feature, the light output will also be softer. So, it can minimize the annoying dark shadow effect.

For light output settings, there are five brightness levels and five color temperature options from the 2700K-6500K range. The settings can be accessed via a button on the back of the body. Or, you can also use the Logitech G Hub application on a PC.

Price and availability

Litra Beam is now available in the American market. The price of Logitech Litra Beam is US $100. Cheaper than the Elgato Ring Light which costs around US$199.99.


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