Portable speakers generally come with compact dimensions. For that Marshall is now launching Middleton . This portable speaker has the largest dimensions among other Marshall portable speakers.

Features of Marshall Middleton

With a larger body dimension, the weight of this speaker is around 1.8 kg. Relatively heavy for a portable speaker. The good news, the large body design is very tough. Dust and water resistant with IP67 rating. So, you can count on it to accompany you on your outdoor activities.

The battery life is also long lasting. Can be used up to about 20 hours for a single battery charge. In an emergency, Middleton can also be used as a power bank to recharge smartphone or tablet batteries.

For sound reproduction, Middleton carries two 3-inch 15W woofers, two 3/5-inch 10W tweeters and two passive radiators. So, there’s no need to be surprised if compared to portable speakers in general, these speakers can deliver a louder and more powerful sound.

Another feature, Middleton supports Stack mode. This mode allows you to connect one or more Middleton speakers for a more powerful sound performance. There is also a fast charging feature. With charging for 20 minutes Middleton can be used up to about 2 hours.

Marshall Middleton Price

Middleton is currently available and sold at a price of US $299.


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