Accessories and lens manufacturer Meike announced the MK-EFTZ-B lens adapter. This latest lens adapter is very interesting. The reason is, through this adapter, Nikon mirrorless camera users can now take pictures with lenses from the Canon manufacturer with autofocus system support.

Features of Meike MK-EFTZ-B

In fact, Meike claims the MK-EFTZ-B adapter can support the stabilizer feature. The stabilizer feature in Canon lenses will be compatible with the stabilizer feature in Nikon camera bodies. Not only that, users also get all EXIF ​​data from the camera.

The MK-EFTZ-B comes with a lightweight design. It weighs only about 87 grams. When attached to a Nikon mirrorless camera body, this adapter will only increase the length of the lens by about 28.3 mm. The design is also tough with added dust and splash resistance features. This adapter is also equipped with an AV dial. However, it is unfortunate that there is no more detailed information on what the function of the dial is.

For compatibility, the MK-EFTZ-B can be used with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses. Compatible Nikon Z mirrorless cameras include the Nikon Z5, Z6, Z7, Z50, Z6 II, and Z7 II.

With all the features it brings, the presence of this lens adapter finally breaks the boundaries between Nikon and Canon camera users. MK-EFTZ is the answer for users who still have Canon lenses even though they have switched to Nikon mirrorless cameras.

Price and availability

If interested, this lens adapter is available through the Meike website . The price of the Meike MK-EFTZ-B is US$160.


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