Welcoming summer Microsoft launches Sunkissed Vibes OPI Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller . This Xbox controller carries a summer theme with fresh color combinations.

Sunkissed Vibes OPI Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller specifications

Microsoft is still collaborating with the nail color brand, OPI, in developing this limited edition controller. Previously, last year the two of them also successfully released a spring-themed controller collection.

All the colors in the Sunkissed Vibes OPI Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller take inspiration from the OPI nail polish collection. For example, the pearl melon orange color on the top of the body is inspired by the OPI nail polish Sanding in Stilettos series. The back of the body, which is pastel blue, is inspired by the OPI Surf Naked Blue nail polish color. Then, on the D-Pad from the Flex on the beach collection and the button with the green Xbox logo in the center is inspired by the OPI Summer Monday-Fridays color.

This special edition controller is compatible with Xbox consoles and PC. It can also be used on smartphones or tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. Power intake relies on an integrated battery that can be used up to about 40 hours for a single charge.

Another feature is the 3.5mm audio jack port for using a gaming headset. Support for the Xbox Accessories application is also available for mapping or adjusting button functions according to gamers’ tastes.

Price for Sunkissed Vibes OPI Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

If interested, this controller can be pre-ordered via the Xbox site. The selling price is US$ 69.99 or around one million Rupiah.

First impression

Controllers for gaming generally come in one color. It’s quite boring. With a fresh color combination, this controller really steals the show. The color choices are also elegant and match the summer theme they want to carry. Could be an alternative for gamers who want to be different.


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