Niantic announced its newest game which is the result of collaboration with Capcom, namely Monster Hunter Now. What’s interesting is that this mobile game will carry Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which was popularized by Niantic’s previous game, Pokemon Go .

Gameplay Monster Hunter Now

Broadly speaking, Monster Hunter Now has a similar concept to Pokemon Go. Gamers will hunt iconic monsters from the game through AR features such as when gamers want to catch Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go.

Of course gamers will act as Hunter. What’s interesting, later every gamer can join forces with other players to defeat monsters together. In a way, Niantic and Capcom want to bring the monster hunting experience that has been synonymous with the Monster Hunter game, to the real world.

According to Niantic, this game is designed to be enjoyed by everyone. That means gamers who are familiar with the Monster Hunter game or who are trying it for the first time are promised to get the same excitement.

Reportedly there will be a feature called Paintball, which will allow gamers to bring home the monsters they meet to hunt them alone or invite friends. Or when gamers are walking around without playing, a colleague can mark monsters with Paintball, so gamers can hunt them when they return home.

Launch for Android and iOS

Monster Hunter Now will be distributed by Niantic with an official license from Capcom. This mobile game is scheduled to launch for Android and iOS in September 2023. Gamers who are interested can take part in the closed beta test by registering via


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