To welcome the introduction of the 13th generation Intel Core processors, also known as the Raptor Lake series, MSI has released a new line of motherboards based on the Z790 chipset for this latest generation of processors.

There are three lines of motherboards for gaming, starting from the highest series, namely the MEG Series, then MPG and MAG which are more affordable. Meanwhile, for professionals and content creators, the Pro series is available.

The MEG Z790 series offers the most powerful line of motherboards with complete features to create high-spec gaming PCs. Here offered 26+2 power phase and extreme cooling module design.

For the most advanced series, namely the MSI MEG Z790 Godlike, there are seven on-board M.2 connectors with a double-sided M.2 Shield Frozr cooler. Shroud M.2 on this motherboard also uses a magnetic design so it doesn’t require tools when opening it. This motherboard also supports a new feature called M-Vision Dashboard. It is a touchscreen panel that provides an exciting new way of operation.

As for the MSI MPG Z790 series, it comes with Carbon shades for black and Edge which is dominated by white. Here, the Smart Button feature is offered with functions that can be set to access certain features. MSI MPG Z790 Series motherboards also provide connectivity from 2.5G LAN and onboard WiFi 6E for fast and stable connectivity for gamers.

While the MSI MAG Z790 Series motherboards come by prioritizing durability and performance stability. The installation process is simple and easy for all users to understand also makes it the best choice for users who are new to assembling a PC. The MAG Z790 Tomahawk WiFi series also offers a metal Extended Heatsink design, the use of Japanese capacitors, a server-grade layout and a thickened copper PCB up to 2oz for best durability.


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