Apple recently officially introduced its newest operating system, iOS 17. As with previous OS launches, Apple is certainly showing off several brand-new features that their users can later enjoy. What are the new features in iOS 17? Come on, just take a look!

New features of iOS 17

1. Journaling

Journal is an application to make it easier for users to record their daily activities. Based on on-device machine learning, this feature can be personalized to help users fill in journals, by providing suggestions based on the user’s photos, location or recent activity. Scheduled notifications will turn an occasional journal entry into a routine.

2.Standby mode

This feature can turn the iPhone into a screen that displays various information when the iPhone is charging or in a landscape position. The widgets presented include clock, calendar, weather, photos, and so on. Standby Mode also supports Live Activities and Siri.

3. Voice and video messages on Facetime

Facetime on iOS 17 now supports sending messages in short voice or video formats, when the intended person doesn’t pick up the call. Calls via Facetime also feature a variety of new Reactions features, such as balloon, rain, or heart effects.

4. NameDrop

AirDrop, which is a feature for quickly sending files to fellow iPhone users, can now also be used to send contacts. A new feature called NameDrop makes it easy to share contacts by bringing two iPhones closer together.

5. Calling Siri doesn’t need to say ‘Hey’

Siri can now be summoned without having to start with the word ‘Hey’. Just call ‘Siri’.

6. Live Voicemail

iOS 17 has a Live Voicemail feature to convert voicemail messages into text in real-time. This will make it easier for users to check voice messages in noisy environments, for example at concert venues.

7. Contact Posters

Contacts on iOS 17 can now add Posters. Users can change the image that will appear on the screen of the other person they call, with any combination of photos, Memoji, and fonts and colors.

iOS 17 launch schedule

Those are some of the new features offered by iOS 17 . The launch itself will most likely coincide with the release of the latest iPhone series later.


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