Nikon announced two new lenses for the Nikon-Z mirrorless camera ecosystem. One of them is the Nikkor Z 26mm F/2.8. This lens managed to record achievements as a full frame lens with autofocus support, the thinnest in the world and the lightest in the Nikkor Z lens ecosystem.

Features of the Nikkor Z 26mm F/2.8

Carrying a pancake lens design, the thickness is only about 23.5 mm and the weight is only 125 grams. Making it ideal for taking photos anywhere.

The Nikkor Z 26mm F/2.8 features an eight-element optical design in six groups, including three aspherical lens elements. With a 26mm focal length this lens is ideal for street photography and landscape photos. Interestingly, with a maximum aperture of F/2.8 you can still get artistic photos with a bokeh effect on the background of the subject. The good news is that this lens can also be used on mirrorless Nikon Z with APS-C sensors . When attached the focal distance will be equivalent to a 39mm lens.

To keep the design slim there is no stabilizing system in this lens. So, the stabilization ability will rely on the stabilizer feature on the camera body. Meanwhile, autofocus performance is supported by a stepping motor that offers fast and quiet performance.

Other features of this lens are weather-resistant and have a control ring that can be customized. This control ring can be adjusted according to user needs for aperture settings or exposure compensation.

Nikkor Z 26mm F/2.8 Price

This lens is planned to be available on the market in early March 2023. The price for the Nikkor Z 26mm F/2.8 is US$496.95.


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