Last April, Nikon announced that it was developing a remote grip for the Nikon Z mirrorless camera. Now, the remote grip named MC-N10 is officially launched.

Features of the Nikon MC-N10

The MC-N10 remote grip was developed to support video capture. The grip features an ARRI-compatible rosette mount for connecting to a variety of video rig setups.

To connect to a mirrorless Nikon Z MC-N10 rely on a USB-C connection. This remote has a variety of levers, buttons, and dials for making various camera settings. So, users no longer need to touch the camera to just make settings. The buttons available include start / stop to start and stop video recording, autofocus, ISO, exposure control, autofocus speed and two function keys Fn1 and Fn2.

According to Nikon, the two Fn buttons can be used to access the High-Res Zoom feature that was just present on the Nikon Z9 via a firmware update version 3.0. This feature can allow users to do 2x digital zoom more smoothly.

For energy intake, the Nikon MC-N10 relies on two AA batteries. More practical so you don’t have to bother recharging the battery if the battery runs out. The battery can be used up to about 12 hours. Another feature, the MC-N10 has also been designed to be weather-resistant with toughness equivalent to a Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera. This grip can withstand extreme conditions up to a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.

Price and availability

The Nikon MC-N10 is planned to be available at the end of November 2022 at a price of US $ 429.95.


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