Dedicated to content creators Nikon has released the Z30 mirrorless camera . This mirrorless camera comes with a compact design and capable video recording capabilities.

Nikon Z30 . Features

At first glance the Nikon Z30 looks similar to the first Nikon mirrorless with an APS-C sensor, the Nikon Z50 . The difference is, on the Nikon Z30 there is no longer an electronic viewfinder. By not carrying an electronic viewfinder the weight of the Nikon Z30 can be lighter. In fact, the lightest in the Nikon Z-Series mirrorless camera line with an APS-C sensor. Previously, the Nikon Z50 weighed around 450 grams including the battery. Meanwhile, the Nikon Z fc weighs around 445 grams.

For the screen, the Z30 brings a 3-inch touch screen that can be folded and rotated. So, it’s even easier to create vlog or live content. For better audio recording quality, Nikon embeds dual microphones.

In the sector, the specifications of the Nikon Z30 are the same as the Nikon Z50. This mirrorless relies on a 21 megapixel CMOS sensor. The sensor is supported by a Nikon EXPEED 6 processor. With these specifications, the Nikon Z30 can be relied upon to record video up to 4K/30p resolution. Slow motion video recording is also supported in Full HD 1080/120p resolution.

Another update that the Nikon Z30 brings is thermal management. According to Nikon, with improved thermal management, this camera can record 4K video for up to about 125 minutes. Charging via the USB port is also permitted for charging via a power bank in an emergency.

There are at least two features that are absent from the Nikon Z30. First is the stabilizer feature. It is quite unfortunate that the Nikon Z30 has not been equipped with a stabilizer feature directly on its body. So, the stabilization ability only relies on the stabilization system in the lens. Or, for more stable shooting, you can use an additional camera gimbal. The second feature is the headphone port which is useful for monitoring audio recording.

Nikon Z30 price

The Nikon Z30 is planned to be available in mid-July 2022. The price of the Nikon Z30 is US$709.95, or about 10 million Rupiah. For package with 16-50mm VR kit lens US$849.95. In addition, Nikon also provides an accessory package for creators that includes a videomicro shotgun RODE, smallrig tripod/selfie handle and an ML-L7 Bluetooth remote for US$149.95.


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