Various new technologies and unique devices appeared at CES 2022. In the wearable segment, Nowatch managed to steal attention with the features and technology it brought.

Nowatch Features

Nowatch is not a smartwatch. This gadget is a fitness bracelet with a beautiful and minimalist design like a smartwatch. There is no display panel in Nowatch. Instead, users are presented with magnetic plates that can be replaced and removed easily.

The magnetic disc carries natural stone options from India with a variety of unique patterns. There are 7 stone options available, namely labradorite, amethyst, white agate, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, malachite, and falcon eye. The body case is available in three color options, namely gold, silver and rose gold. The design is also waterproof with 3ATM standards.

Nowatch is claimed to be able to monitor user fitness very accurately. Above average fitness bracelet in general. However, one feature that Nowatch excels the most is its ability to measure and predict stress levels and mental health.

This is possible thanks to Biosensing technology from EDA and tracking algorithms developed by Philips. Relying on electrodermal activity on the skin Nowatch can accurately measure cortisol levels in the body. If excessive is detected the user will be advised to walk, meditate or do other activities to calm down.

In addition to measuring stress levels, Nowatch is also equipped with a PPG sensor that can be relied upon to monitor activity, heart rate and sleep patterns. This device can also measure the user’s body temperature and breathing ability. For battery life Nowatch can be used up to about 14 days for a single recharge.

Nowatch Price

Nowatch is planned to be available in March 2022. Orders will open from February 2022. Nowatch price is US $599.


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