TWS is light and comfortable on the ear

First we discuss the design problem first. There is one thing that is quite unique about the QCY T1C case model. The oase adopts an open casing village without a cover as is usually found in TWS casings in general. So you can take out and reinsert the earbuds directly.

From a practical point of view it is nothing special. Opening the cover is not something that is bothersome. Fortunately, the magnetic connector on the inside of the case is able to hold the two earbuds firmly, so they don’t fall off or fall easily.

Even so, we feel that the casing design like this does not provide a sense of security and the inside is prone to dirt such as dust. OASE QCY T1C itself actually already has IPX4 certification which means it is resistant to splashes of water or sweat. But honestly we would be quieter if this case had a cover. When carried in a bag or pocket, it will be safer.

The casing material is predominantly plastic. The quality of the design looks quite good even though it feels a little less sturdy. There are no buttons on the casing, only a microUSB port for charging along with an indicator light.

As for the earbuds themselves, they look a bit like the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. The material is the same, plastic, and the sales package includes two pairs of extra eartips of different sizes. So in total there are three pairs of eartips including those already attached to the earbuds.

The dimensions of the housing are rather large. Maybe for some users with small ears it will be difficult to wear the OASE QCY T1C perfectly. However, if your ears are a bit big like us, the TWS is comfortable enough for long duration of use and feels fit to the contours of the ear.

Please note that the OASE QCY T1C still uses physical buttons and does not yet support touch commands. Actually we have no problem with the physical buttons and we think it is quite reasonable for the TWS size in its price class. Even so, in the unit we reviewed, the buttons had to be pressed with a little extra force, which resulted in the eartips getting deeper into the ear canal, causing an uncomfortable sensation.

Cheap TWS with high quality audio

The price is only 200 thousand rupiah, but we were quite surprised because it turned out that the audio quality was admirable. The OASE QCY T1C relies on a 6mm HD Sound Dynamic Driver in each earbud. The TWS also supports the AAC / SBC HD audio codec.

For audio tuning, the bass feels a little more dominant, with mids and highs that are still clear, aka not covered by bass. Suitable for those of you who like more warm audio characters with powerful bass.

When we tried listening to the song The Script – For The First Time , we felt that the separation of each instrument was clearly heard. The sound stage is quite good. Vocals and guitars sound clear with dynamic bass, and the kick drum beats that are also more punchy.

Switching to the song Daft Punk – Get Lucky , OASE QCY T1C is quite capable of presenting every instrument of this song well. The sound stage is also quite clear. In this song the low frequency feels more dominant but the plus point does not cover the mids and highs. The position of the vocals is still heard at the front.

Meanwhile, for the rock genre such as the song Alter Bridge – Metalingus , the audio quality in our opinion, OASE QCY T1C is also able to handle it well. Enjoying at a louder volume so far doesn’t cause annoying distortion either. Oh yeah, speaking of volume, the OASE QCY T1C is capable of producing a loud sound!

Sound isolation is also pretty good thanks to the eartips which are a bit thick and are able to cover our ear holes well. Talking a little about the battery, the OASE QCY T1C can run for 20 hours when combined with the power in the case.

It’s fun to watch movies

In terms of latency, the OASE QCY T1C is quite good in its class. When used to watch movies or videos on YouTube the experience we get is quite good. Even so, when asked to play a game like Call of Duty Mobile, then the sound delay is more pronounced.

The multifunctional QCY application

OASE QCY T1C has also been equipped with a companion application called QCY (can be downloaded on the Play Store). For cheap TWS sizes, you can do a lot of customization through the application. Such as changing the function of the buttons on the earbuds, adjusting the equalizer to adjust the audio character according to taste, to the search feature to find the location of the earbuds by making a sound. A mandatory feature for those of you who easily forget to put things down.

An interesting option for those looking for cheap TWS

In conclusion, the OASE QCY T1C is an interesting option that you should consider when you are looking for a cheap TWS. With only Rp.239,000 in funds, you can get audio quality which in our opinion is one of the best in its class.

OASE QCY T1C advantages:

  • Lightweight and quite comfortable to wear
  • Great sound quality: punchy bass, clear mids and highs
  • The sound stage is quite wide
  • Mini delay when watching videos
  • There is a feature to manually tweak the equalizer via the application
  • The search feature in the QCY app makes it easy to find earbuds
  • IPX4 Certification
  • Prices are relatively cheap

Disadvantages of OASE QCY T1C:

  • Casing without cover
  • The buttons on the earbuds are a little difficult to press one finger
  • Less ideal for playing games
  • The port is still microUSB

User profile:

Student / student

The price is very affordable, making the OASE QCY T1C ideal for student pockets.

Music lovers with limited funds

With a fund of only 200 thousand rupiah, music lovers will be spoiled by the audio quality of the OASE QCY T1C. In our opinion, in this price class TWS is a very tempting choice. Especially if you are an audio enthusiast with a slightly prominent bass character.

Employees who frequently meet online

Online meetings have become a popular agenda during a pandemic. With OASE QCY T1C, you can participate in these activities anytime and anywhere. Especially for the size of the price, the sound insulation of the OASE QCY T1C is also good enough so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by noise from the surrounding environment.

Netflix fans or Korean dramas

The minimal delay when used for watching movies makes the OASE QCY T1C suitable for Netflix or K-Drama fans. Watching using TWS wireless is certainly more comfortable. For example, when you are relaxing at a cafe, on a trip using public transportation, or when you are lying at home.

YouTube maniac

Those of you who like to watch videos on YouTube using a headset are also suitable for using the OASE QCY T1C. No need to worry about annoying delays between video and audio.


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