Olike’s IoT device ecosystem is growing. The latest product is the Olike CCTV OM-H1 smart security camera.

Features of Olike CCTV OM-H1

Olike CCTV OM-H1 comes with a 2 megapixel sensor. This security camera can capture images up to Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in H.264 format. Recording options in HD or SD resolution are also available.

For the lens, the Olike CCTV OM-H1 brings a wide-angle lens. This lens can support horizontal rotation up to 355 degrees and vertical rotation up to 90 degrees. So, the shooting angle can be adjusted according to the user’s taste. This security camera has also been equipped with a microphone and speaker to support two-way communication in real time.

The Olike CCTV OM-H1 provides two video recording storage options. The first option uses a microSD memory card up to 256GB capacity. The second option utilizes storage space in cloud computing which can be obtained by way of a subscription.

Like other security cameras, the Olike CCTV OM-H1 is equipped with WiFi connectivity. Through the application, Essecloud, this security camera can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Another feature, the Olike CCTV OM-H1 is equipped with the Night Vision feature. This feature allows the Olike CCTV OM-H1 to capture images in dark conditions up to a distance of 7 meters. There is also a smart detection alarm feature. When activated this feature will send an alert to the user if it detects any movement in the vicinity.

Price CCTV OM-H1

Olike CCTV OM-H1 is now available through the Olike Official Shop and other market places. The price of Olike CCTV OM-H1 is USD $27.30.


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