Oile again presents wireless earbuds or TWS products. Targeting the youth market, the Olike Hero T10 is available in three attractive pastel colors and low prices.

Features Olike Hero T10

Olike Hero T10 color choices are Tosca, White and Purple. The design of these wireless earbuds is also very light. Each only 3.5 grams. So, it will be comfortable to use all day long.

To produce the Olike Hero T10 sound, it relies on a 10mm dynamic sound driver. It’s quite adequate for listening to music and making phone calls. What’s most interesting about these wireless earbuds is their connectivity.

TWS generally carries Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Well, the Olike Hero T10 carries the latest Bluetooth connectivity, namely Bluetooth 5.3. So, the connectivity will be more stable and energy efficient.

To listen to music, the Olike Hero T10 battery can last up to about 4.5 hours. With the help of its protective case which carries a 300 mAh battery the user can get a total usage time of up to around 25 hours. The battery charging is also fast. The battery can be charged up to 100% in only about 1.5 hours.

Another feature of the Olike Hero T10 This TWS supports smart tap control for more intuitive control. There is also virtual assistant support that can be called by voice commands.

Price of Olike Hero T10

Olike Hero T10 is now available through the Official Olike Store on the Shopee platform. It can also be obtained offline at Toys Kingdom and Gramedia. The price of Olike Hero T10 is IDR 275,000.


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