Olike again presents a smart cutting machine. The difference is, this latest smart cutting machine is more sophisticated and easier to use when compared to the previous generation.

Features of Olike HM18 Pro and HM 47 Pro

There are two models announced. Among them are the Olike HM18Pro and HM 47 Pro. These two versatile smart machines are capable of cutting anti-scratch and “garskin” bodies with various types of films for any gadget from smartphones, smart watches, TWS, to cameras.

“Ease your Life, this product further shows what our slogan means, we present this product to make it easier for anyone, including consumers who want to install protectors on their gadgets, to gadget accessories business developers.”

Oile HM18 Pro and HM 47 Pro also offer easy operation. Both can be controlled via the C Plotter application which is available on the AppStore and PlayStore. In addition, these two machines can cut quickly and precisely. The level of cutting accuracy reaches 0.05 millimeters. Olike HM18 Pro and HM 47 Pro have also been supported with voice command control and are equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

Various kinds of film patterns

To support the Olike HM18 Pro and HM 47 Pro, Olike provides more than 100 film patterns that come with different functions, materials, and designs that can be selected according to consumer tastes. Consumers can also choose the type of anti-scratch or back protector.

Anti-scratch types to choose from include Pro soft glass, Flexible explosion proof, flexible anti-blue light, flexible matte and others. The price is also very affordable. Each anti-scratch and back protector ranges from 49 thousand to 199 thousand for large gadgets.

Meanwhile, for the screen protector, there is a flexible film made of TPU which is different from ordinary tempered glass or anti-scratch. TPU is an elastic plastic material compared to solid tempered glass. The advantage of TPU compared to Tempered glass is that TPU can be bent, making it possible for “Foldable” types of cellphones and can also cover the entire screen area of ​​the device because TPU is very elastic.


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