Another sector that should be in the spotlight is the OPPO A33 using the latest Qualcomm chipset. Are you curious about what his ability is? Come on , just take a look at our review:

OPPO A33 design

In terms of exterior appearance, OPPO A33 adopts a design that is more or less similar to the A53. What distinguishes the two most is the choice of color. The A33 variant in our review article is called Mint Cream. In addition, OPPO also provides one other variant, namely Moonlight Black.

As a smartphone for 2 million rupiahs, in our opinion, the OPPO A33 design is okay in its class. The back cover looks shiny and forms a certain pattern when exposed to light. The three cameras it carries are arranged in a square frame in the upper left corner, along with the flash. Not far next to it, you’ll find a fingerprint sensor.

While the front of the OPPO A33 is dominated by a screen that is arguably quite modern because it already has a punch hole to accommodate a selfie camera. Yes, punch-hole, not waterdrop. For us, a punch-hole screen has its own plus point because it is more optimal for displaying content than a screen with bangs.

Please note that OPPO A33 already uses a USB Type-C port. Its position is below, next to the speaker holes and the 3.5mm audio jack port. This smartphone is also equipped with three slots, two for SIM-cards and one dedicated specifically for microSD which can accommodate up to a capacity of 256 GB.

OPPO A33 screen

This is one of the main advantages of OPPO A33. The 90Hz Neo-Display screen measures 6.5 inches with HD + resolution. This screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Not only is it a high refresh rate, this punch-hole screen has a 120Hz touch sampling rate for a smoother and more responsive gaming and multimedia experience.

For everyday use, the OPPO A33 screen is satisfactory with a brightness level that is also quite okay in its class. The resolution is still HD + in no way makes the content look less sharp. On the other hand, with the HD + OPPO A33 resolution, it is even more efficient in terms of power consumption and the performance feels smoother.

About the 90Hz refresh rate itself, you will feel the difference when you scroll between menus or when browsing social media. OPPO doesn’t forget to provide automatic settings to change between 60Hz and 90Hz depending on your needs. If you want a more efficient battery, you can lock it at 60Hz only.

A little discussing the audio sector, the OPPO A33 is armed with dual-stereo speakers with Dirac’s automatic audio optimization. Quite surprised to see an offer like this on a smartphone for 2.2 million rupiah. To be sure, the resulting sound sounded quite loud and clear, and felt more alive.

OPPO A33 operating system

OPPO A33 comes with the ColorOS 7.2 operating system based on Android 10. There is no definite date about when OPPO will launch an update to ColorOS 11. For those who have never tasted ColorOS 7.2, this operating system is equipped with many interesting built-in features and is certainly useful for everyday use. day.

Call it Dark Mode which can be implemented in third-party applications that do not support dark mode by default, for example Facebook. There is also a Focus Mode for those of you who want to focus more on doing something and don’t want to be disturbed. Another attractive feature is the Pull-Down Gesture Icon for easy one-handed operation.

In terms of performance, the OPPO A33 with ColorOS 7.2 feels light and responsive. Applications can also open quickly, especially in applications that are used most often. As for the security system, in addition to the fingerprint sensor, you can also activate face unlock, which, as far as our test, is fast enough to detect faces even in low light conditions.

OPPO A33 camera

The OPPO A33 offers the same rear camera configuration as the OPPO A53, namely 13 MP main camera, 2 MP macro camera, and 2 MP bokeh camera. Meanwhile, for selfies, users can rely on the 8 MP camera on the front. To be honest, actually compared to a macro camera, in our opinion it would be more interesting if OPPO replaced it with an ultra-wide camera.

The results of shooting with Auto mode in our opinion are quite good in adequate light conditions. Details that are captured are sharp with natural color reproduction and a decent dynamic range in its class. If you want a brighter color, you can activate Dazzle Color mode.

alomakioppoa33 oppoa33alomaki

Portrait mode can also produce a neat and charming bokeh effect when captured under bright light. Unfortunately the OPPO A33 camera is not equipped with Night Mode. The results of the photos in low light conditions look less sharp and still filled with noise. You also need to keep your hands steady so that low-light photos don’t blur.


If you want better photo results you can take advantage of Pro mode, aka manual mode on OPPO A33. In this mode, you can set your own ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, and White Balance as needed. Talking about videography, the rear camera of the OPPO A33 is capable of recording video up to 1080p resolution at 30fps. The following is an example of the video we recorded in an indoor area with lighting:


OPPO A33 performance

OPPO A33 is included in the first line of devices in Indonesia to carry the brand-new chipset from Qualcomm, namely Snapdragon 460. For those who don’t know, Snapdragon 460 is able to provide high performance in its class and has quite good power efficiency. The chipset is accompanied by 3 GB of LPDDR4X RAM with UFS 2.1 internal storage with a capacity of 32 GB.

At first glance, 32 GB capacity may be considered less tempting. But what needs to be underlined, OPPO A33 already uses storage with high-speed UFS 2.1 technology. In addition, you can also add data storage space using microSD up to a capacity of 256 GB.

Regarding performance, we think OPPO A33 is an agile smartphone. In our daily tests, we didn’t experience any significant problems when running various applications. The graphics capabilities of Snapdragon 460 are also quite good in its class. It is proven that when it is relied on to run several games, its performance looks stable even though it is not at the highest graphic settings.

One of the games we tried was Mobile Legends. This ‘million people’ game can be played smoothly even though we couldn’t activate High Frame Rate mode when we tested it. Maybe after the update, the mode will be available. To better describe the performance of OPPO A33, first consider some of the results from the benchmark application below:

OPPO A33 battery

The OPPO A33 has a 5,000 mAh battery which is equipped with 18W fast charging. Not to forget, relatively new features such as the Super Power Saving Mode, which is able to extend the life of the device even though the remaining 5 percent battery is also available. The combination that we think is more than sufficient for casual users.

Evidently, OPPO A33 has a long battery life. With automatic refresh rate settings, this smartphone can accompany our activities from morning to night. In fact, it is not uncommon for the battery to still have around 30 percent remaining the next day. The combination of HD + resolution, the economical Snapdragon 460, and the ColorOS 7.2 capable of good power management is key.

When you need to recharge the battery, 18W fast charging technology is also quite reliable. When the battery remains approximately 10 percent, it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to be fully charged 100 percent.


As a series that is cheaper than the A53, we think OPPO A33 remains a very attractive option for those of you who are looking for a cheap smartphone. As mentioned above, the 90Hz screen is a plus which for now is rarely found in other products in the same price range.

For those who are interested, the OPPO A33 is sold for around $160. For now there is only one model, namely with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. It is possible that in the future OPPO will bring a model with a larger memory.

The advantages of OPPO A33:

  • Okay design and comfortable grip
  • The screen supports 90Hz refresh rate
  • Long battery life
  • Feature-rich ColorOS 7.2
  • The fingerprint sensor is fast and accurate
  • Agile performance for standard requirements
  • UFS Storage 2.1
  • The camera is decent in ideal light conditions

Disadvantages of OPPO A33:

  • Low light photos still need to be improved
  • Gaming performance below its competitors
  • It would be more interesting if equipped with an ultra-wide camera

OPPO A33 is ideal for: Casual users. Users with a budget of 2 million who want to taste the 90Hz screen. Students who need tools for online school. Users who want a phone with a long battery life.

OPPO A33 is less than ideal for: Hardcore gamers. Content creators who need tools to take pictures and record.

SpecificationOPPO A33
ScreenNeo-Display 6.5 inches HD + 90Hz
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 460
Internal memory32 GB (there is a microSD slot)
Rear Camera13 MP + 2 MP macro + 2 MP portrait
Selfie Camera8 MP
Battery5,000 mAh
Charging18W fast charging
Operating systemColorOS 7.2 (Android 10)
Connectivity4G LTE
Security SystemFingerprint sensor, face unlock
ColorMoonlight Black, Mint Cream

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