Phase One XC medium format camera officially announced. This camera adopts a compact design like the Phase One XT which was announced in 2019. The difference is that XC is much more practical without carrying out the modular concept.

Phase One XC specifications

The XT camera system consists of three main components. Among them digital back module, camera body and lens. This allows the user to change the Digital Back module and lens according to their needs.

Well, in XC the three components are directly integrated. So, XC is similar to a pocket camera in general. The digital back module and lens can no longer be removed.

The XC comes with a Phase One IQ4 digital back module with a resolution of 150 megapixels. An option with a monochrome sensor for black and white photo enthusiasts is also available. Meanwhile, the lens used is the HR Digaron-S 23mm f/5.6 from the Rodenstock manufacturer. Another difference, in the body of the XC is also equipped with grips made of wood.

It should be noted that the medium format sensor in the IQ4 digital back module has dimensions of 53.4 x 40 mm. The sensor size is 2.5 larger than the full frame sensor. In fact, it is 1.5 times larger than the medium format sensor in the Hasselblad X2D 100C and Fujifilm GFX . So, the photo resolution of the 150 megapixel sensor is 14,204 x 10,652 pixels.

Given the large sensor size, the IQ4 sensor has a crop factor of around 0.64x. This means that the default 23mm F/5.6 Rodenstock lens will be equivalent to a 14.7mm wide lens on a camera with a full frame sensor. Including wide and ideal for photographing landscapes to architecture.

Phase One XC price

This camera will be sold in limited quantities at a price of US $62490. The same price as the Phase One XT kit with a 150 megapixel IQ4 digital back module and a Rodenstock 23mm f/5.6 lens.


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