Philips released the GoPix 1 portable projector. This projector stole the show by winning two awards in the design category from the 2022 IF Design Award and the 2022 Red Dot Award.

Features of Philips GoPix 1

According to Philips, this achievement can be achieved because the GoPix 1 offers the perfect combination of design and function. The dimensions of this projector are only about 78.2 x 120 x 18 mm. The weight is very light. Only 0.25 grams. So, it is very easy to travel with and will not take up much space in the bag.

Philips GoPix 1 carries DLP technology relying on LED lights. The lamp can project images up to 75 inches in size onto the wall. The display resolution it supports is up to Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. The durability of the LED lights is claimed to last up to 30,000 hours. Or, it can last up to about 20 years assuming an average usage of about 4 hours a day.

The Philips GoPix 1 is even more complete with integrated 3W speaker support. So, there’s no need to bother attaching it to additional speakers to enjoy multimedia content. Other Philips GoPix 1 features include automatic or manual keystone correction support, Mini HDMI and USB-C port support.

Price Philips GoPix 1

The Philips GoPix 1 is now available. The price of the Philips GoPix 1 is US $329.


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