Through the redmi 10A, Xiaomi again presents a cheap smartphone with features that are quite up-to-date in its class. Well, if you are interested in buying this smartphone, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Redmi 10A that you must know.

Pros of Redmi 10A

1. Affordable
prices With prices starting at 1.4 million Rupiah , the Redmi 10A is the cheapest Redmi smartphone at the moment. The selling price is quite commensurate with the features it brings.

2. Redmi 10C-like design

The design of the Redmi 10A looks very similar to the Redmi 10C which is 400 thousand Rupiah adrift. The difference is only on the back cover with different line patterns and color options.

3. Long-lasting
battery Carrying a 5000 mAh battery Redmi 10A is classified as a smartphone with a long-lasting battery. Can be up to all day. In fact, it could be more if the use is not too moderate.

4. Adequate performance for light use
Powered by the MediaTek Helio G25 chipset, the Redmi 10A does not prioritize fast performance. This chipset is sufficient to support a variety of daily activities such as replying to messages, chat, to light gaming.

5. RAM Expansion Function The RAM
expansion feature has now become a standard feature on several modern Android phones. Although sold at a low price on the Redmi 10A this feature is available. So, the 3GB RAM with the 1GB RAM expansion function makes a total of 4GB.

6. Equipped with a fingerprint sensor

For security, this smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Other security features such as Face Unlock are also supported.

Disadvantages of Redmi 10A

1. Not yet support fast recharge

With its large battery capacity, Redmi 10A does not yet support the fast recharge feature. This smartphone only supports 10W charging. Recharge the battery takes about 3 hours to full.

2. Not getting accessories
The sales package is simple. Without any bonus softcase or screen protector. In our opinion, this compromise is understandable given the low selling price. If it is available, it will be a plus.

3. Does not support USB Type-C

The USB Type-C connection has now become the standard in the latest devices. It’s a shame that Redmi 10A doesn’t support Type-C yet and is still equipped with a micro-USB port.


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