Razer and Loupedeck launch Stream Controller. This device is an all-in-one controller to make it easier for live streamers and content creators to be productive.

Razer Stream Controller Features

The Razer Stream Controller is the twin of Loupedeck Live. The difference is, in the Stream Controller you can find the Razer logo and it is marketed by Razer. On the screen, users can find 12 haptic shortcut keys. The screen is flanked by six rotary analog buttons.

Meanwhile, under the screen there are eight buttons. To suit the needs of users, the eight buttons can be customized. The settings can be through the Loupedeck application that is compatible with the Windows or MacOS operating system.

Thanks to Stream Controller creators make it possible to manage multiple workspaces, open apps, and manage smart devices at home. In addition, the Stream Controller can also be used to support live broadcasts and editing processes such as photos, videos or music.

Razer Stream Controller can also be added with plugins. Some of the available plugins are compatible with Twitch, OBS Studio, Spotify, and Razer Key Light Chroma apps. All of these plugins can be obtained through Loupedeck MartketPlace.

Price Razer Key Light Chroma

The Razer Key Light Chroma is priced starting at US$270. More expensive than the Elgato Stream Deck which offers similar functionality for around US$150.


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