Razer announced the presence of a new controller designed for the PlayStation 5 console. Called the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, this device offers complete features for playing at a competitive level. Like what?

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Features

In a press release received by Yangcangguh.com , Thursday (11/10), Razer explained that Wolverine V2 Pro is a controller that already has an official license for the PlayStation , so it is guaranteed to be compatible for the PS5.

Razer provides it with support for Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless technology which provides a super-fast 2.4GHz wireless connection. Armed with a USB Type-A dongle, this feature ensures low latency when paired with the PS5.

Another interesting feature is the Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons with an actuation distance of only 0.65mm, or 30 percent less than the average membrane controller. As a result, gamers will experience faster keystrokes and an increased sense of tactility with every input.

This controller also offers an 8-Way D-Pad Micro Switch. There is also the Razer HyperTrigger, a rear trigger that is claimed to be suitable for gamers who are fans of the First-Person Shooter (FPS) and racing genres. With HyperTrigger, gamers can go from full-range, metered drag for acceleration in racing games, to lightning clicks for fast firing execution that feels like actuation on a Razer gaming mouse.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro has 6 resettable buttons and an interchangeable thumbstick. Gamers can add 4 additional triggers and 2 custom bumpers, as well as 2 extra thumbstick caps. Not to forget Razer immersed the Razer Chroma RGB feature.

Price and availability

Besides being compatible for PS5, Wolverine V2 Pro is also suitable for PC (Windows) gamers. For those who are interested, the price is US $ 249.99.


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